Reasons why you should look beyond the big 3 cloud providers in India

Gaurav Joshi
3 min readMar 23, 2021


The cloud has, for the most part, become a commodity now a days for most of the businesses. Most enterprises use cloud for their workloads. The fact is, the majority of businesses simply need core cloud services: compute, block and object storage, backup and failover, and low-risk options for cloud deployments.

Therefore, researchers & technology analysts have recognized alternative cloud providers as a permissible and growing segment of the cloud services market. Distinctly from the Big Three public cloud providers — Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Time is bit changing now in the industry of cloud computing, companies have legitimate and arguably better-suited choices in providers. We’re talking about alternative cloud providers like E2E Networks, which is now in many ways on par with the Big Three mega clouds.

One of the biggest myths about big cloud providers is that they offer better networks and data center hardware. For all purposes and intents, there is no difference between the hardware on the racks of other cloud providers and what AWS has on its racks. The compute power and performance is basically uniform.

Unequivocally, some companies choose to pay for AWS, Azure, or GCP because they have hundreds of products they offer, just in case you need them. But in reality, how many companies really need services like computer vision, speech understanding, super-advanced networking, and highly optimized database queries, just for an example? Actually, the requirement of workloads that need any special sauce from AWS or the other hyperscale cloud providers is comparatively very low.

We at E2E Networks can provide scale and quality of infrastructure needed for most enterprise workloads. We overall have commoditized around basic services, what analysts call “core primitives” — things like servers, databases, bare metal, Kubernetes, and other core infrastructure components. Alternative cloud providers focus on delivering these core primitives rather than offering hundreds of proprietary services that, once engaged, lock you in. So it’s very easy to recreate almost everything that you would do on AWS or any other hyperscaler, commonly for much cheaper and without any lock-in.

The bottom line about why you should use alternative cloud providers is… COST.

By focusing on core services, we offer developers and SMBs a legitimate alternative: typically the same or better performance at a much better price. In most cases, you can save over half of your infrastructure costs by moving from a hyperscaler to our cloud. Why wouldn’t any organisation want the choice that gives all the performance they need at half the cost?

Once you are prepared to consider your options, begin by making sure the companies you choose meet the network qualifications of alternative cloud providers. Then do a little more research about pricing and services. Not all cloud providers available are the same. You’ll want to choose an alternative cloud provider who also offers a great track record, exceptional service, transparent and affordable pricing, and no lock-in like E2E Networks. Most significantly, choose a cloud provider which makes your cloud computing experience convenient, flawless and accessible — what all users dreamed cloud computing could be.

If this information is good enough for you, register now with us and start your new cloud journey.